【LYC-GB】 Adhesive 

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Eyelash Grafting Dedicated Adhesive

Drying Time: 0.5~1ec
Retention Time: 6~8 weeks
Temperature: 20~27 degree
Humidity: 40~85%

Capacity: 5ml

Introduction Discuss

    Eyelash extension Glue
    【Quick drying / Endurance】
    Advanced instant adhesive with excellent viscosity and adsorption
    The adhesives are well-designed in high-quality and duration by Japan.
    1. If eye contact occurs, flush with saline or water for 10 minutes and seek medical assistance immediately.
    2. Senior technicians only
    3. Shake well before use
    4. Required to store in a cool, dry place
    5. Keep away from children
    6. Do not get close to fire
    Finish using in a month after opening
    The expiration date is three months without opening.


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